Course Syllabus

Effective Teaching Techniques in Process Control Laboratory

The syllabus comprises of a comprehensive selection of material, which
is invaluable for all lecturers teaching process control:
1. Fundamental control loops: Terminology, control loops.
2. Open loop process identification: Dead time and time constants, Step input
    testing; Tangent method, the New Reformulated Tangent Method ©, the
    New numerical technique ©, and worked examples and problems.
3. Optimum controller setting:Tuning rules: Zieglar-Nichols and Cohen-Coon,
    Takahashi and Chien. Worked examples and problems.
4.  PID controllers: Control algorithms, PID parameters and characteristics,
     and mode of control.
5.  Fine tuning techniques: Fine tuning strategies, the New quick tuning chart ©,
     Performance-Robustness analysis, Load disturbance and set point change.
     and worked examples and problems.  
6.  Preparing lab work: Tasks and scheduling. 
7.  Hands-on training: Performing open loop test. Optimum PID calculation.
     Performing load disturbance and change in set point. Fine tuning